We Broadcast Quality Programs

W= Watson and Vernon Watson=The "W" is designed to appear as a "V" sitting on top of a "W" which represents Vernon Watson or the "W" alone represent Watson or the Watson family. We once were an affiliate of the Warner Brothers Television Network (the WB) and the "W" then represented Warner Bros. (The WB Network)

B= Broadcasting= The "B" represents Broadcasting and once stood for Brothers (as in Warner Bros). The "B" also represents "Black Broadcasting" as well. One of WBQP's original objectives were to cater to the Black community.

Q=Quality= The "Q" represents Quality in programming. The "Q" in the logo will always be a quarter lower than the other letters and will always have "CHANNEL" enscribed on the top of the "Q" with the channel number "12" encircled inside of the "Q".

P= Pensacola or Programming=The "P" represents our coverage area (Pensacola) and our Programming.


Watson Broadcasting, Inc. aka as WBQP TV-12 is dedicated to Broadcast Quality Programming in the Pensacola Community. Our aim is to provide programming where other station fail to meet the need of the our entire community. Our slogan speaks for itself: we are "The Station That Cares"